18 Months of H.

I don’t often swoon here. I do a great deal of processing, both to continue my own healing and to hopefully help others who have joined what San Francisco writer and new loss mom Katie Coyle beautifully deemed our “Dark Sisterhood.” Weaving … Continue reading

Attachment Living

We hear a lot about “attachment parenting.” There are varying schools of thought, but I embraced much of it my first year with H. because several of its tenants—babywearing, breastfeeding, responding to baby’s cues—fell in line with my instincts. It … Continue reading

Settling In

We say this to ourselves, don’t we? How much we are looking forward to settling in—to a new home, city, environment. How we hope it for others when they transition. It seems many of us are inclined to gravitate toward … Continue reading


We did it! We successfully managed our 24-hour voyage with a baby, a dog, and about a month’s worth of luggage for our temporary home base back in the US of A. Somewhere in that process, we repatriated ourselves. We … Continue reading